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Types Of Pumps Available For Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pool pumps are the heart of pool circulation systems. Pool pumps create a flow of water that allows the chemicals in the pool to circulate evenly throughout the entire pool. Pool pumps are instrumental in effectively ensuring that your water is sanitised evenly.

Swimming pool pumps also help to remove debris from the pool, leaving it clean for use. Besides the multitude of pool pumps and models, there are three main types to choose from. They include the single-speed pumps, two-speed pumps, and variable speed pumps.

Here’s a more detailed overview of the different pool pumps:

1. Single-Speed Pool Pumps

These types of pool pumps perform pretty much one purpose. They pump swimming pool water through your system. They also run at one constant speed. Single-speed pumps are usually inexpensive, which makes them even more attractive to swimming pool owners. They can, however, be quite expensive to operate. Given, they do their one job, which is turning the water over and providing flow very well. This allows your equipment to function properly without any hitches.

2. Two-Speed Pool Pumps

This type of pool pump runs at two fixes speeds of high and low. Two-speed pool pumps also require a separate device like an automation system to enable you to adjust between these two speeds. The two-speed allows you to control the amount of energy used by the pump. The lower speed, therefore, consumes much less power compared to the high-speed option. You can also change your one-speed pool pump into a two-speed pool pump. This can save you up to 80% on your energy bills, as you can switch between the two speed as you deem appropriate.

3. Variable Speed Pool Pumps

You can also always upgrade your one-speed pool pump into a variable pump. The ones from would save you on energy costs by up to 90% every season. You could save as much as $1,500 each season, depending on how much you use your pool pumps.

Variable speed pumps are designed to handle more complex pool applications compared to the other pool pump types. Their manufacturers also consider them to be ‘intelligent’ as you can set them to adjust their speeds automatically for each task they perform. They are incredibly quiet, energy-efficient, has programmable speed settings, and several other benefits.

Bottom Line

Keep your swimming pool’s circulation systems pumping and operating correctly with the right type of swimming pool pumps. Remember, the right pool pump helps to ensure the health and safety of your pool.