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Why Ozone Swim Wins The Pool Battle

Of all the pool sanitising systems on the market, ozone swim is the best value for owners. While there are dozens of important advantages to an ozone swim system, four of the key ones are:

Overall Better Quality of Water

When an ozone swim system is in place, the quality of the water becomes better in numerous ways. The pool’s filter can more efficiently remove organic contaminants from the water, as opposed to chlorine systems.

When pool owners are aware of the importance of keeping a high rate of water turnover, making sure to balance the pool’s chemicals, and having a high-quality filtration unit in the pool, the ozone swim system can perform to its maximum capability. It’s important for owners to pay attention to all the systems in the pool because each component works to enhance the effectiveness of the others.

Fewer Chemical in the Pool

Owners who use an ozone swim system properly are typically able to decrease the number of chemicals they need to add to the pool. Ozone swim systems can be the front line of defence against oxidation and infecting agents. That means there will be less of a need for chlorine and bromine as additives.

One of the main benefits of ozone is its ability to enhance the power of bromine. When pool owners use sodium bromide, the ozone can actually revive much of the used bromide. As a result, owners only need to use about 40 percent as much bromide as usual.

Increased Comfort for Swimmers

Anyone who has swum in pool water that is laden with salt and chlorine knows about nasal, eye and skin irritation. People who swim in pools with ozone swim systems in place typically notice less “red eye” effect, decreased chlorine odour, and no problems with skin and nasal irritation.

Superior Ability to Disinfect

Compared to chlorine, ozone has the capability to disinfect pool water more efficiently, more thoroughly, and for a longer time. This is especially true for bacteria like E. coli, which is unable to survive longer than 12 seconds when it contacts ozone.

Pool owners have so many factors to keep in mind when it comes to maintaining a healthy, comfortable and clean backyard amenity for their families. With ozone swim systems, people who use and own swimming pools never again have to worry about some of the most common challenges that crop up on a seasonal basis.