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Choosing Paint Colors That Work For Your Bathroom Makeover

Bathrooms and kitchens are the two rooms most commonly renovated in a home, as the fittings and décor in these areas quickly date. New cooking appliances and sleek modern plumbing fixtures are expensive, but if you need to renovate a bathroom on a budget, you can make the biggest difference for the lowest cost by painting.

Painting a bathroom can be an easy and cost-effective way to add high value to the room, and to the home overall, but don’t make the mistake of buying inferior paint. The application of a professional quality, fade-proof and mold-resistant paint will give long-lasting protection, and thoroughly freshen the bathroom decor.

The next consideration after choosing the right paint type for your project is the color selection. Unless you are a trained graphic artist or have a highly accurate natural sense of color, great care should go into the choice of a color palette. A small room such as a bathroom is less forgiving of color mismatches, as the entire room is viewed at once. A mistake might even be amplified by a large mirror on one wall.

Except for those with time to visit enough home reno and plumbing centers to see a wide selection of bathroom color schemes, your best option is to invest in the latest bathroom renovation magazines for color ideas. Paint isn’t the only expression of color available for this compact room, however. You can use the towels, a shower curtain, potted plants, chromed or colored fittings and even artwork to contribute to and enhance the basic color scheme. For a bathroom with excellent moisture control, stained timbers and natural fibre matting can give earthy tones to offset gold basin fittings.

If hiring professional help is just not within the budget, painting the bathroom yourself is still a doable remodeling project for the novice handyman. The best way forward is to undertake some online research, watch some relevant Do-It-Yourself instructional videos, and approach the staff at your local paint retailer outlet to ask plenty of questions. They should have the product knowledge, an extensive color selection and the experience to be able to advise you well on your painting task.

So, the choice is yours. Hiring a painting contractor is one way to get a bathroom face lift quickly and professionally, but it is going to be at least twice as expensive as the home renovator approach. Either way, however, you will have made a bigger impact on your home equity in terms of resale value than the amount of your financial outlay, so painting your bathroom is still a great move. Be sure to get the color choice right, and the remaining variables should fall just nicely into place.

Author – Brad from Bathroom Renovations Melbourne.